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Our team

Founder Jamie Moulding

Jamie cut his technological teeth in Silicon Valley in the nineties. He was on the ground during the first internet revolution, raising capital, building executive teams and creating strategic partnerships. Silicon Valley taught him about the digital age but California taught him about a New World of wine.

One hot San Franciscan day, Jamie learned there was more to fine wine than the renowned regions of Europe. It was a mystical experience with a bottle of Sine Qua Non that ignited his love affair with Californian winemakers. As well as being the cradle of the digital revolution, the state turned out to be home to some of Jamie’s favourite wines.

Jamie has been curating new and exciting pieces for his collection for over a decade now. And during this time, he’s used his financial background to develop a proprietary model for fine wine investing. Liquid Assets is his latest innovation. By bringing together his technological expertise and vast knowledge of wine, Jamie is set to forever change the way collectors acquire new and exciting pieces.