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About us

Curators of fine wine

Give us grapes, taste and terroir. The curve of a bottle. The elegant label of a boutique producer. Give us something to excite the senses. Something to sip and to savour or keep as a masterpiece. There are those who collect paintings but we prefer the medium of fine wine.

Drink to the art of innovation

We’re old hands at collecting wine. We’re in love with the traditions that come with creating liquid perfection. The only thing we don’t like is the labyrinthine process of buying it. Liquid Assets is our way of nudging things into the twenty-first century. We’re marrying technology with tradition by curating our bottles, literature and imagery in one digital landscape.

Sweaty saddle might sound odd but...’s better than saying: ‘We’re sorry, we don’t have the tasting notes you’re looking for.’ In fact, we have detailed notes and descriptions instantly available for our entire collection. And because we own all of our bottles, we can tell you the journey each one has taken, from vineyard to storage.

Grape juice, chemistry and the sublime

A fine wine is more than the sum of its parts, so here’s to removing the palaver and murk of wine investment. Here’s to complete transparency and here’s to freeing up more time to contemplate the transcendental nature of a great Bordeaux. You know what we mean.

Would you buy a painting you can't see? why buy a wine without looking? Cast your eyes over a bottle and you’ll learn a little of its history. A wine that hasn’t been cared for will often show it. That’s why we’ve photographed each bottle in our collection. Gone are the days of waiting for the broker to fish out their lightbox images.